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strength, speed, stamina


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Indulge Nigeria Limited is a healthy living focused and advocacy company, positioned to ensure that you feel and look great for life.../more

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  • 06AUG

    How Dancing Can Make You Stay Young

    I liked the concept of “Celebrity Take 2” dance competition. I followed the dancers through their different dance routines.  I was particularly impressed with different choreography and the ease with which many of the dancers fit in. Even those who never thought they could put one leg in front of the other amazed themselves. Apart

  • 26JUL
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    10 Ways to Get Fit In Your Home

    10 Ways to Get Fit In Your Home

    There are several reasons why many of us do not exercise. “Too late from work”; “Can’t afford gym membership”; “No place to jog”, “No pavements to walk”; “It’s raining”; “It’s too hot”; “It’s too cold”; “I don’t have any sportswear”; “I’m ashamed of my body”; “Can’t really be bothered to leave the comfort of my home”. The last reason we are going to burst. Find below 10 ways to get fit without leaving your comfort zone.